Due to the Coronavirus, thousands of flights have been changed and/or cancelled. As you might expect, the impact on our customer service is huge. We currently work day and night to assist our customers as good and adequate as possible. However, as the number of requests is that high, we are unable to offer the service as you expect from us. We kindly ask for your understanding. 

Why can I not call?

Due to the extreme number or requests, you can currently only get in touch via this page. Only in this way we can focus on our travellers with (original) departure within 14 days. As soon as we start answering our travellers on an individual level, the interests of other travellers might not be met. 

When can/should I reach out?

Currently, we are focussing on travellers with (original) departure within 14 days. This way, we do not miss any deadlines for our travellers with imminent departure. There is no need to contact us if your (new) departure is further than 14 days away, as the status of your flight(s) might change in the meantime, as well as the conditions of the airline. 

When will I receive a reply on my request?

Is your booking cancelled by the airline? Then please do not reach out to us, as we will initiate the proces to request a refund (eg. as a voucher) with the airline, as shown on this page. We will inform you, as soon as we have an update on your case. This will take at least several months, so there is no need to contact us in the meantime. 

Is your booking not cancelled by the airline, but do you wish to change or cancel upon your own request? Please contact us as per procedure on this page. We will do our utmost to assist your (shortly) before (original) departure.